Hi there! Welcome to Strut and Bellow – an platform to empower, inspire and promote women makers. I’m Melanie Clark Pullen and I’m an actor, writer, workshop facilitator, coach and mum of 3.

I’m passionate about creating a space for women creatives to strut their stuff. I’ve had the great privilege of talking with writers, artists, game changers and musicians and each conversation has held vital inspiration as I explore my own creative life. You can listen in to these chats by subscribing to the podcast here.

If you’re someone who would love to experience more creativity in their everyday life, then follow me on Instagram where I share my own journey in creative living. Subscribe to the blog for weekly inspiration and encouragement and sign up for my monthly newsletter.


If you’re an artist at the beginning of putting themselves out into the world and in need of some confidence in front of the camera or in speaking to your clients, then get in touch for a consultation where I can give you tools to boost your confidence and strengthen your voice. Get in touch at strutandbellow@gmail.com

For acting enquiries please contact

Scott Marshall Partners

Holborn Studios
49/50 Eagle Wharf Road
N1 7ED

+44 (0) 20 7637 4623 | info@scottmarshall.co.uk

For enquiries regarding my first novel Sound the Depths, currently seeking a publisher please contact

Jonathan Williams Literary Agency

Rosney Mews
Upper Glenageary Road
Glenageary, Co. Dublin

+353 1 (0) 2803482


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