Strut YOUR stuff



(1906 Charles Dana Gibbon)

There’s a story about a famous actress at a dinner party who regaled everyone with tales of her fabulous exploits and just as the dessert course was being served, she took a breath and looked at the host and said, ‘Listen to me go on and on about myself, you talk about me for a bit, darling….’

Are you an artist at the beginning of her journey into sharing her work with the world?

Does the idea of Facebook Live and Instagram Stories fill you with dread?

Does standing up and talking about yourself and your work make you quake?

Do you feel weird writing about yourself for the About page on your website?

This is where I can help you.

I’m an actress.

(Not THAT actress!)

Speaking about myself and my work doesn’t phase me and I have tools in my arsenal to help me.

I can share these tools with you.

I can teach you how to speak with confidence and courage whether it’s in front of your customers or into a camera.

I can also help write your biographical information in an engaging style without it sounding pompous or overblown.

For further details, drop me a line at

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